Does your life coaching client need therapy?

How do you know if your life coaching client needs therapy?

Does your life coaching client need therapy instead of coaching?

One of the things I see happen to new life coaches is getting in over their head with a client’s emotional needs because they actually need therapy instead of coaching.

In the latest episode my YouTube video series called Coach Craft I share the signs to look for even if you are a seasoned life coach. Part of being a great life coach is knowing at which stage of wellness your client is, and when working with a licensed therapist will fast track her growth. We never want to get into the position in which we are working outside our training.

Helping your client get what she most needs is easier when you understand what to look for.

There are concrete signs in which you will know immediately if your client needs therapy.

Some of the signs to look for to guide her to a therapist:

  • Is your client struggling with depression?
  • Is she caught in the narrative of her past and unable to move forward?
  • Does she have extremely negative self talk?

If someone is on their well-being journey and taking steps to follow their purposeful path, there is a a good chance that they have already worked with a therapist. Knowing how to serve her in that transitional space from therapy to coaching is so helpful.

Key signs that your client is ready for coaching are:

  • She is experiencing overwhelm from all of her ideas and things she wants to accomplish.
  • She is feeling stuck an unsure about how to continue on her life path.
  • She understands where her behavioral patterns come from, but unsure how to take action.
  • She needs support manifesting an idea or project.

Watch the video to learn more:

These are just a few of the ways to tell if your client needs life coaching  or therapy. To learn more about how to become the best coach you can be and to get great results for your clients, subscribe to my YouTube Channel and watch my Coach Craft series for life coaches and wellness practitioners.

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