empower your sexual self Join NY Times bestselling author Eden Bradley and life coach Christine Rose Elle to learn to understand your desires and explore the aspects of your sensual self in this fun, interview-style, two week online course for women.
what you'll learn Learning your body
How to identify your own desires
Deeper understanding of female orgasm
How to use toys & which ones do what
How to ask for what you need
Ways to deepen intimacy
sexual self-empowerment
included in your course 5 Interview-style video lessons
2 Live Q & A sessions with Eden
BONUS video with toy walkthrough
Resource PDF with female-friendly shops
Access to private Facebook group
Printable Workbook
2 week course
who it's for Women who want to deepen their understanding of sexual pleasure, connection and intimacy by learning the complexities of orgasm, how to identify desires, explore fantasies, and ask for what you need from your partner. Women over 18+


If you are single or partnered:

We'll cover ways to  deepen intimacy, desire and sensation solo or with your partner.

If you want a deeper understanding of your sexual desire:

Desire can be a mysterious thing especially if your desires feel a little taboo. Eden teaches you how to recognize what you truly desire, and how it fits in both reality and fantasy.

If you want to know more about how to have better orgasms:

 Orgasms come in many forms and can be acheived in different ways. Eden does a deep dive into the different kinds of orgasms, how to make them happen, and how to take the pressure off so you can enjoy.

If you want skills for asking for what you need:

Asking for what you need can be difficult especially if you have a long term partner. You'll learn some tips for  communicating with your partner  so you feel safe and you both get what you need.

If you need help adapting your sex life to lifestyle changes:

It's impossible to know what life will throw at you and many times  your sex life goes out the window during times of stress and change. Eden shares some vital perspective and tips for navigating life change so a fulfilling sex life is a  part of the picture .

If you want access to an expert to ask questions:

Exploring sensation and awakening the dormant side of your desire is all wonderful, but what if you have a question that you feel embarrassed to ask? During the course, you can ask any questions privately, anonymously or in the group and recieve and answer from an expert.  

empower your sexual self sex ed course with eden bradley module by module details

Module 1: Understanding female sexual desire:  How do you know what you truly desire? Eden guides us through the process of getting to know yourself and your body, the inevitable life issues that affect your sensual self, including health and aging concerns, and how to use fantasies to rev up. We'll also help you find ways to work past taboos that may be holding you back from achieving your greatest sensual pleasures.

Module 2: The mystery of the female orgasm:  We'll talk about different types of orgasm, how to experience each kind, and at the most explosive levels.

Module 3: Asking for what you need:  Deeply explore how to identify what you need - mind and body. Female sexual appetite all starts in the brain, but then what do you do with your awakened desires? Let's find out together!

Module 4: Adapting your sex life to lifestyle and enhancing the possibilitites:  Stress, aging and health are just some of the things that affect our sex lives. But what if you're going through a stressful time, relationship change or any of the other ongoing things that impact our lives as women? Learn some ways to flow with the changes without having to sacrifice your sex life.

Module 5: Masturbation:  Sex toys and masturbation are something many women feel uncomfortable about, but they can be a huge boost to your sex life and overall well-being making these important topics to cover. We make a safe and fun place for you to learn more.

BONUS: Sex toy walkthrough and female friendly resources:  Eden gives you an introduction to a variety of sex toys, their function and how to shop for them in a way that feels safe and from female friendly vendors.

multi media learning
watch the module video
listen to the modules
Each Module has a PDF
two live q & a sessions
what people are saying
Review From catherine "Thank you for providing a safe place for all of us to talk about this potentially incendiary stuff. I am SO glad that I signed up for your class, and so very grateful for your time and hard work."
Review From cindy "Worth the money in gold!
Tons of good material and info. Eden Bradley-Eve Berlin and Christine Rose Elle are awesome teachers and very open to any type of questions."
Review From jessica "Eden Bradley and Christine Rose Elle have done an amazing job at making it a safe and comfortable place to share with others… I would definitely recommend this course!!"