Create your own beautiful online course

For Coaches & Creatives

 Serve your clients with what you know by creating on online course.

One of my core beliefs is that everyone has something special to share and teach. Knowing how to create courses is the key to unlocking the ability to share your purpose with the people who most need you.

Because I love learning so much, and because I want people to share what they know with the world, I created a course for coaches, creatives and solopreneurs who want to create their own beautiful course.

I made a lot of mistakes with my first few courses. Mainly there wasn’t an intangible outcome, I priced it too high for my reach, included everything and the kitchen sink…however, creating my first course led to creating another and once I got past the tech obstacles, something amazing occurred. I started earning revenue at something that was fun and helped others.

If you’re at the stage as a coach or creative solopreneur in which you want to develop your message but aren’t sure what exactly you want to teach, this course will help you figure out course topics, and content. Learn to put your ideas or an area of expertise into an online course that represents your brand, and that your ideal client loves, and will deepen your message an online platform.


As a coach, I figured out that I needed to scale the way I created and delivered courses in a way that made sense for a business my size. And I know there are other coaches and creatives out there like me who are probably thinking that their list is not nearly big enough to sell a course. But what most solopreneurs don’t realize is that your course can be offered again and again, or used to leverage another offer.

People who have taken my courses in the past know that design matters to me. I see it as a big part of the value of the experience.

If you want to attract your ideal client with beautiful design:

In addition to design basics, I teach you how to communicate your brand values with design. You’ll learn how images, graphics and text areas work together for a wonderful client experience.

If you want a step by step system for creating an online course:

There are many different ways to build a course, with different kinds of media. Learn how I put together video, audio and printables for maximum impact.

If you feel overwhelmed by all of the moving parts of course creating:

All of  the steps that go into course creation can be overwhelming. I show you my system for putting together my courses so you don’t have to figure everything out on your own.

This course is specifically designed for people who run their own small coaching or creative business and are at the stage where they want to add-on offering that serve their ideal clients.

Module 1: Plan your course:  Behind every course is a lovely plan. In this module I’ll show you my method for plotting and planning your course, essential details that you absolutely don’t want to leave out, and how to make it streamlined, simple and most importantly something people want.
Module 2: Create your modules:  There are different types of media that go into creating modules of content. I’ll show you the different methods of video styles, the essential recording tech, set up and how to combine different forms of media for the highest impact.
Module 3: Visual presentation & hosting:  Visual presentation is something that I feel gives a course high value. I’ll show you a behind the scenes peek into how I design, create and host my course materials. I can’t teach you my art school education, or my 30 years in design, but I can show you all my tricks, and short cuts! Oh, and I’ll show you how I host things too.
Module 4: Selling with heart:  Selling is one of those things that I know you shy away from. In this module I share my tips for stepping into selling and promoting your course in a way that feels great for you and your clients. I  also share my method for pricing, packaging, and delivery flow for your course.
Module 5: Running your course before, during & after: It can get a little overwhelming when you see the massive to-do list for creating a course. I’ve simplified this for you. I also share the science behind how I  structure emails, schedule content delivery,  design bonus materials, and  how to wrap up your course so everyone feels supported and complete.
BONUS: Resource guide: I have assembled every tool I use to create my courses for you in one handy guide.