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I wrote Create Something Beautiful: Go from Passion to Finished Project because I know how much multi-passionate women struggle to settle on their special thing and actually take a project from start to finish. I know because that is me. I get enchanted by something new, only to fall out of love before I really dig in.

I want to help you take your many passions and develop them into your next creative project. The projects you finish help you define your long-term creative vision and either shape it into your dream business or deepen your creative path. Or both!

I share the 7 stages I use for inspiring the creative process, and the 4 Essential Keys to unlock fresh energy when you feel stuck or blocked. I also answer the questions I get asked most by my clients, the best ways to determine if you are meeting your needs, and how creating and sharing beauty is essential for living a meaningful life.

This ebook is my way of sharing my best tips and processes with you so you can understand the creative process, and finish something that is meaningful and beautiful.

Hi, I'm Christine I help multi-passionate women
find their creative path & develop their life vision

I believe that everyone has a creative voice that wants to be heard. You always know when yours is trying to get your attention. Maybe you feel a little jealous of a friend who wrote a book, takes beautiful photos or designs her own clothing, and you wonder how she does it, and if you can do it too. You can.

As a lifelong creative, I know that the voice inside doesn't go away. She just gets louder until you pay attention to her. Until you finally listen to her and take a step on to your creative path.

Coaching has taught me that everyone has something beautiful and creative to share. It connects you to your higher purpose, deepens your intuition, and makes you feel alive. Let's work together to make your vision come alive!

stylish creative living my youtube channel

I started my YouTube channel as a place to share all my guilty pleasures. I told myself that I would just make videos about whatever interested me without putting the pressure on to be professional or have it make sense. I simply wanted to share things that I found interesting and beautiful.

I had no idea that it would become my favorite way to create, connect and share with you. I think it's the things that we really love, that don't always make sense to us in the moment that resonates most with people. There is something just so real about sharing things that make us happy for no reason.

YouTube is the place I share my Stitch Fix unboxing and style try-on and reviews, subscription fashion boxes, creative living, book reviews, as well as life coaching and emotional well-being content. I share my handmade jewelry, clothing, artwork and more. I hope you'll join me and become a part of my channel!

Female sensuality and sexual empowerment.

Eden Bradley is a bestselling erotica and erotic romance author with over 40 titles. She also leads sexual empowerment courses and lifestyle workshops. We believe that sex education is an amazing source of empowerment for women and an important part of lifelong well-being.

Empower Your Sexual Self  is a modern sex education course for women that inspires and educates women to explore their sensuality and desires as well as provides a safe space to ask private questions.

Awaken the Senses for Writers is a self-guided video course for exploring the five senses at a whole new level. In addition to deepening love scenes, students walk away with an enhanced relationship to the senses.

free mini-course flow journaling

Of all forms of magic, journaling is the most powerful for new insights and uncovering shadows. When you practice stream of consciousness flow journaling you're not only supporting your self-exploration, but you're also uncovering dark corners in your psyche that upon emerging, reveal new sides of yourself that you never knew existed.

I have seen incredible results in my clients who use my method of flow journaling to process old wounds and work through blocks and obstacles to make room for new ideas and creativity.

My three part mini-course Flow Journaling with Christine Rose Elle walks you through the basics of my method for using journaling as a powerful tool for insight and intuition.

The course includes three videos, and worksheets and takes about an hour to complete.

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