Modern magic Intuition, alchemy, process journaling, creative manifestation, symbols, archetype and dream analysis are all elements
of modern magic techniques you can use to help unleash your creative potential.
what you'll learn Tools for cultivating intuition skills
My process for creating powerful synergy
How to use journaling for insights
How to determine and use symbols and archetypes that are relevant to your client.
Creative process and more.
Step by step
included in your course 5 video lessons
2 Live Q & A sessions
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Printable Workbook
2 week course
who it's for Coaches, creatives and people who love personal transformation and growth. People who have a personal growth, service based businesses, want to deepen their mastery, and use modern tools of practical magic to serve their clients. coaches & creatives


Coaches, creatives, self-actualizers:

A course for people who help others with personal growth and transformation.

If you want a deeper understanding of how to use your intuition:

Intuition is information that we receive from our five senses. Everyone has intuition, but not everyone trusts it, or knows how to develop it. If you want to know more about how to develop and use your intuition this is for you.

If you want to deepen your coaching toolkit:

 Life coaching is a calling that requires life long learning. Our personal growth journey never ends, and what we learn can be share with our clients for their own growth journey.

If you want skills for processing information from the subconscious:

There are so many ways to tap into the rich matter of the subconscious.  If you want tools for learning how to illuminate shadows and hidden desires into consciousness, then this is for you.

If you want to understand the creative process at a deeper level:

Knowing the predictable stages of the creative process can help you understand where your clients are getting stuck, derailed, or when they are about to quit.

If you want to create powerful synergystic sessions with your clients:

The concept of synergy has been around forever, but it remains an underutilized modality in coaching. Learn how to create outcomes that are better than the individual parts of coach/client.  

modern magic for creatives techniques and tools
for mystical results
module by module details

Module 1: Understanding intuition: Intuition is the act of developing your relationship to receiving information through your senses, and learning to trust that information. Also related to empathy and emotional intelligence. Intuition is a skill that can be developed with deeper understanding.

Module 2: Creative Alchemy: The emergence of something new from two sets of talents/skills/creative minds coming together in which the combined whole is better than it's separate parts.

Module 3: Process/flow journaling:  Flow journaling with the intention of allowing the unseen, or hidden aspects of the psyche to emerge. Different than creative journaling or writing. This is the process of allowing hidden aspects of the self to emerge.

Module 4: Symbols, archetype, dream analysis:  Symbols are everywhere. We relate to them everyday through media, entertainment, storytelling, but also things like dreams, archetypes, tarot, chakras, maslow's pyramid and other diagrams can all lead to deep discoveries of the self.

Module 5: Creative Manifestation:  Art is the physical manifestation of bringing what's going on inside, to the surface. Art is the way we communicate visually, it's one of the most powerful communication tools. There is always a magic that happens between idea, and canvas with a paintbrush facilitating the connection.

BONUS: Hero's Journey personal storytelling:  You are the hero of your own journey. Identifying your own story, the allies, enemies and elixirs can help you get clarity on the next chapter of your life.

multi media learning
watch the module video
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Each Module has a PDF
two live q & a sessions