life coaching & content mentoring for multi-passionates

Are you ready to answer your soul's calling? There is something magical about the way your many passions fit together to form your unique area of mastery. For some of us the calling to this sacred space is clear, but for others it can be hard to hear with all the mental noise. If you're struggling to find your focus and territory of mastery, I can guide you through the process of deep, soul excavation to get to the heart of what your soul is called to do.

This is for you if you know you have something within that you've been trying to express but can't seem to tap into your own uniqueness in a way that has focus, clarity and momentum. I use a guided coaching method of journaling techniques, and powerful image and symbol relfection to illuminate the path to your deepest calling.

imagery & intuition synergized soul

Let me show you the hidden parts of your soul.

Synergy: The coming together of elements that when combined create an effect that is greater than each individual part on it's own.

I developed my Synergized Soul Readings  because I wanted my coaching clients to have a tangible and personalized resource to take away from all our hard work together, something that they could refer to long after our sessions.

Every person is gloriously unique. Your Synergized Soul Reading  will hold up a mirror that shows you how beautiful your uniqueness is, and how you can take action using your strengths to follow your path of purpose, desire and destiny.
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