design your own visuals A self guided course for creating inspired design in Photoshop CC. This course is for coaches & creatives who want control over their design and to take their visuals to a new level. This is for beginners, and intermediate Photoshop CC users.
what you'll learn Photoshop CC essentials for graphics
digital collage techniques
typeface techniques & layout
layer masks & color fills
how to build your graphics library
shortcuts and tips
plus design basics
included in your course 8 step by step tutorial videos
BONUS project workshop videos
2 customizable PSD's
graphics & images resource list
who it's for People who want to learn how to make their own designs for blogs, social media and products in Photoshop but feel a little intimidated. You'll learn exactly what you need to know to make gorgeous graphics, and creative digital media. coaches & creatives


Coaches, creatives and solopreneurs:

If you want to learn how to design your own graphics in Photoshop Creative Cloud and aren't sure where to begin, and want to know exactly what tools you'll need.

If you  want to design unique visual graphics and learn Photoshop basics:

Canva is great, but having control over your own graphics is better. Paying someone is also a great option but can add up fast. Learn step-by-step how I design all my own visuals in Adobe Photoshop.

If you want to attract your ideal client with beautiful design:

In addition to visual design and Photoshop basics, you'll learn how images, graphics and text areas work together for a wonderful client experience. 

If you like learning at your own pace:

You have access to the entire course as soon as you register and pay so you can binge watch or go slow. Also, you can get email support when you need it too.

If you are creative and ready to empower yourself with some design tech:

I know learning tech can feel a little overwhelming so I teach you the most essential tools without too many bells and whistles.

If you are cool with subscribing to Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud:

This course is pretty much how to design with Photoshop so if you want to dive in I think there is a monthly fee for the Creative Cloud. It's so empowering to know how to use it. Let's do it!  

design your own visuals photoshop for solopreneurs self-guided video training

Video 1: Create the design vision: Before diving into your project, I'll show you how to develop a design vision and create a mood for your project so you have an inspiring guide to follow.

Video 2: Find design elements: Part of the secret of being a good designer is assembling a library of graphics, fonts and images to use in your projects. I'll show you where I find all my design tools.
Video 3: Prep your design space in Photoshop CC :  Photoshop is a complex beast.  Customizing your workspace is helpful for sticking to what you know without getting too overwhelmed with tool options.
Video 4: Create a palette of elements: Every project starts with a design vision and a palette of elements to include in your design. I'll show you how I create my design palette for each project.
Video 5: Project basics:  Now the fun begins!  We 'll go through some basics for putting together your first project in Photoshop. My goal is to show you exactly what you need to create graphics as a beginner so you can dive in.

Video 6: Adding layers, brushes and opacity:  These three simple yet essential Photoshop tools can take a basic design and make it look pro. 

Video 7: Clipping masks and shapes:  Once you try clipping masks you will never be able to go back to simple squares. I'll show you how to use clipping masks to make your design amazing. 

Video 8: Tweak the design: We bring our project home as I show you how to tweak the final elements for balance, harmony and beautiful design that you love.

BONUS:  Project Step by Step Walkthrough: Come with me as I do a design from start to finish using what we have learned. This bonus video will really help you cement what you have learned.