my creative work I've been creating my whole life whether it's designing clothing, drawing, painting, sewing, jewelry design, photography or writing. I love making beautiful art. On this page is some of my work.
I hope you enjoy it.
I see beauty everywhere a little about my creativity the meaning is in the process

I remember the moment I fell in love with dresses. I was three and wanted to wear a vintage slip that was supposed to go under your dress, but I wanted to wear it as a dress. The tulle skirt was stiff and full. I felt like a ballerina.

Paper dolls were my next love because you could dress them in any outfit. I loved the mix of fabrics, colors, textures, and ribbons. I created entire worlds with lace trim, scraps of eyelet and bows.

Then I discovered black and white film. I would sneak in the middle of the night to watch old films on television. Little Rascals, Shirley Temple, Marilyn Monroe were my favorites. I dreamed of making the beautiful gowns and twirling dresses I had in my head come to life. I lived and breathed costumes and fashion.

I taught myself to design, draw and sew. I studied fashion design and costume design in college and loved it. But something else happened too. I was exposed to all kinds of art. I could feel what was in the soul of the creators of art. I could hear their messages, and understand their joy, pain and what moved them through their process.

The process of creating became what I loved. It's what continues to move me and inspire me. The soul messages from others are what captivate me now. My moving through all the stages of creativity over and over again, I learned to see with deep understanding the messages of others.

photography portraiture & lifestyle the art of feminine beauty

Portraiture is about more than taking a photo of someone. It's about creating a work of art by showing a side of someone that invites the viewer in through the expression. Though the props and clothing are second to the face, I love using them to create a femininity that my subject never knew she had but always wanted to see.

I use flowers, lace, and simple backdrops to enhance my subjects beauty. I am inspired by Hollywood starlets and their iconic film roles such as Elizabeth Taylor in like Butterfield 8, Vivien Leigh in Gone with the Wind, Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady, Marilyn Monroe in The Seven Year Itch, Liza Minnelli in Cabaret and Shirley MacLaine in What a Way to Go. These are the muses I bring into my photography.

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the foundation of my creative process visual stories

Creating begins with forming a vision and finding a visual through-line. It could be the color palette, theme or simply a mood board assemblage. In order to give my creative work direction and make it seem real, I always begin with a visual story.

I consider a visual story to be the foundation and the heart & soul of whatever project I'm working on even for written work. I always have to have the visual story inside my heard. For me, it speaks to the emotional landscape of a project.

Visual stories contain creative limitations that ultimately allow for more creative freedom. I think of each project's visual story as a map, showing where to go, but not always how to get there. The getting there is the creative process. Sometimes my visual story will start with a simple image and grow from there. They keep me grounded as I go through my own process.