personal creative plan Have you ever wished someone could see you and all your multi-passions, and know how they fit together to form your area of creative strength? I'll help you figure out how to put your creative passions together so you can focus on your path.
who it's for creative women Multi-passionate women see the potential in everything. It's the best quality, and also the most confusing. Knowing which of your creative passions to focus on can be an anxiety-producing process. Together we'll figure out the details of your creative path. learn more
how it works all the details 4 Sessions and a PDF Guide.
3 intensive coaching sessions to determine the most important parts of your creative path. PDF guide for that outlines key elements of your personal creative profile. We go over your guide in a final session.
what you get creative clarity Some of what your Creative Profile Guide reveals: dominant archetypes, inspirational mood board, color story, tarot card insight, personal sacred symbols for use in online presence & guidance. Personalized, downloadable PDF Book now
a map of your creative soul Personal Creative Plans are an inspiring and personalized resource guide for staying on track after our work together.
I provide a detailed PDF with your unique results so you have something tangible to refer to as you continue your creative journey, especially when things get challenging. Similar to a personal brand vision, but I've added addtional resources for a more comprehensive look at your creative brand.
a guide for your creative journey personal creative plan essential details

Your personalized guide for insights and action for your own unique creative voice and vision.

Synergy: The coming together of elements that when combined create an effect that is greater than each individual part on its own.

I developed my Personal Creative Plan because I wanted my coaching clients to have a tangible and personalized resource to take away from all our hard work together, something that they could refer to long after our sessions.

I use a combination of mood board images, tarot, symbol recognition and Jungian archetype analysis to create something unique and personal that you can refer to a reminder of your strengths, or an actionable way want to deepen the impact of your personal brand.

Each reading contains:

* Visual mood board cover of inspirational images.
* Identification of personal area of transformational strength.
* Emergent archetype & muses reveal.
* Present integration of past narratives and future desires.
* Tarot reading with intuitive analysis.
* Your area of emotional strength.
* Dominant symbol & images.
* Your unique light energy & color.

Every person is different. Your Personal Creative Plan is a document that you can refer to when you need to feel grounded, or recommit to your plan, by taking action using your strengths to follow your path of purpose, desire, and destiny.
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Review From Liz Deanna writer & speaker "Christine has combined her brilliant coaching skills along with her other intuitive gifts and skills in tarot, magical imagery and design to provide a really unique, uplifting offering. She has a gift for truly seeing others and I felt so held and inspired."
Review From Patricia G. business owner & yogi "In stressful moments at work, or when anxiety and doubt get the best of me, I turn to my soul reading and it immediately takes weight of my shoulders! I printed it out and it's like I have a secret handbook to how to... well, be me."
Review From Rachel W. life coach "The growth, focus and crystal clear clarity I now have in my future going forward, in all areas of my life, is just so incredibly amazing. I’m now experiencing a sense of purpose, passion, more love, joy and fun than ever before."