A Coaches Guide to Practical Magic

A coaches guide to practical magic. www.ChristineRoseElle.com

I believe all processes hold magic.

I see magic in my clients, in the transformational results they experience from digging into the shadows of fear. I also see it in myself for being witness to such powerful change. I am humbled by the unexplainable magic in every synergistic situation.


Dynamic results come from blending modern magic with pragmatism.

As a daughter of science, I always look for the practical elements of every process. As a coach who channels the divine from my clients, I believe we need both magic and practicality to inspire powerful emotional alchemy.

As an artist, I know that magic serves a necessary purpose. Color evokes emotion, insight and inspiration. I see that magic is a tool that gives us deeper insights to the shadows of our psyche, and as a coach I now see practical magic as the modern tools of awakening to our soul’s desire.

6 Elements of Practical Magic

Intuition– Using your intuition and being a psychic are different things.
Definition of psychic: “sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences :  marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding.”
It’s pretty vague.

Intuition is the act of developing your relationship to receiving information through your senses, and learning to trust that information.

Everyone can learn to engage and trust their senses. We all know that when we talk ourselves out of trusting our sensory data we run into trouble. Sensory data is not vague. We experience the world through engaging our senses. Practicing sensation is another form of mindfulness, and coming into the present moment. Consciously engaging in the experience of our senses can magically transform every situation.


Sacred Symbols and Archetypes: Joseph Campbell’s hero’s journey is ground zero for understanding life stages and where we are in our own story. Actually Carl Jung is really ground zero, but Campbell made the whole thing understandable by corralling the common themes of myth and stories into one basic storyline. As a coach, I use Jungian archetypes as a frame for my clients to understand and to communicate their own stories.


Tarot: The ultimate in using symbols to reveal shadow material. I don’t see tarot as a means to understand how your life is going to play out. I use tarot as a way to reveal what is on your mind, to determine navigation possibilities for what you are going through, and what to focus on in the present. Tarot is such a rich resource for coaching, even after ten years of practicing I feel I have only scratched the surface of the potential for using it as a tool for transformation.


Alchemy: Of all awesome witchy things, I use alchemy the most in my coaching practice. Not literally, but figuratively. Alchemy is the act of turning base mental into gold. With coaching I help my clients examine the ingredients of their life, their talents, skills, interests and passions, and I bring mine to the table as well. Something wonderful emerges from taking the basic elements we each possess. Magic always emerges when two sets of talents converge. Something that couldn’t exist without the other. That kind of synergy is the purest form of magic there is.


Mandalasmandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe.
I’m not a Hindu nor a Buddhist, so there is a part of me that feels a little presumptuous for cherry picking from religions I don’t practice, however I am an aesthete and fully embrace the idea of impermanence. From a place of complete loving respect, I borrowed the practice of creating mandalas in my coaching for a few reasons.
  1. Creating something of beauty is an act of love, pleasure and gratitude to myself and hopefully others.
  2. The act of creating something impermanent is a wonderful reminder to be here now, fully accepting the life cycle and embracing change.
  3. I celebrate the notion of “so within so without” and the manifestation of this concept in a circle of flowers that symbolizes and reflects cultivating inner peace in a physical expression.
Journaling: Of all forms of magic, journaling is the most powerful. When you practice stream of consciousness flow writing you are supporting your self-exploration like nothing else. Here are some of the possible expressions of transformation through journaling:
  • Allows processing of difficult emotions.
  • Reveals hidden or taboo insights.
  • Establishes a practice that embraces and balances negative self talk.
  • Allows confusing thoughts or feelings a method of entanglement.
  • Increases feelings of positive self worth.
  • Promotes creative expression.
  • Allows the confusion of too many thoughts and ideas in your head to have a place to go, therefore making brain space for new thoughts and ideas.

Modern practical magic obviously borrows from so many deep traditions. There’s a reason these forms of magic have been around so long. Use them in your life or in your coaching and you’ll be amazed at the results!