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Energy Vampires: How to Deal

  We all have those friends or colleagues who seem to feed on your positivity and tap into your life source and drainView full post »

Symptoms of a Personal Growth Spurt

When I was in the eighth grade I was 5 feet tall and weighed 132 pounds. Over the summer I had a massive growth spurtView full post »

How Letting Go Can Lead You to the Right Path

I always thought I wanted to be a fashion designer. When I was little, I made clothes for my Barbies, and as I grew IView full post »

How to Overcome the Feeling of Lack

The feeling of lack, what is it? It is when you feel like you aren’t enough or don’t have enough to be who you reallyView full post »

The Secrets of Success for Creative Women: 12 Essential Habits

I think about success a lot. I wonder what it means to be successful and I want success of my own. I think we all wantView full post »

An Easier Approach to Getting What you Want

I used to be able to do the splits. All three ways. I was shockingly limber when I was eighteen. I used to sit inView full post »

My Formula for Productivity

It always surprises me how long it takes for me to get my groove back after a break. The holidays this year wereView full post »

Curiosity: How to Use this Tool for a Happy Life

Have you ever wondered why certain things upset you or make you angry? Or why certain people seem to know exactly howView full post »

How to Find your Hidden Sparkle

We all have something that makes us sparkle. There is a switch within us all that when it flips, we shine. For a longView full post »

How Peggy Guggenheim Inspired me to be a Curious Passionista

This is an excerpt from a book I am working on about finding and living a life of meaning and purpose. I hope youView full post »

9 Ways to Use Mindfulness to Keep Your Friends During the Election

Well, it’s that time again. Our country’s electoral process is a unique character builder for us all. WeView full post »

How to Practice Gratitude

What is gratitude? Gratitude is a feeling of genuine thankfulness and joy for people, conditions, things andView full post »