What is your Relationship with Receiving?

What is your relationship to receiving?www.ChristineRoseElle.com

There is a behavior that I am noticing lately in other people that rings a bell with me, because I recognize it in my own past behavior. Many people have negative relationship with receiving money for their hard work. This behavior caused chaos in my business, unnecessary strife in my life and a mountain of […]

How to Know When to Let Go of Someone or Something

How to know when to let go. www.ChristineRoseElle.com

Letting go of a dysfunctional situation or someone toxic is something everyone will go through at some point in their lives. It can be on of the most agonizing and painful experiences if you are at all unsure about it. We have all stayed a little too long at jobs that are no longer fulfilling […]

Searching for Your Bliss: A Few Tips for Getting Unstuck

Tips for Searching foryour Bliss by Christine Rose Elle

If you feel stuck on the journey to finding your bliss, consider changing your relationship to your situation. Lets face it, we all get our fair share of cards. But lets not stack this deck against ourselves. Self-sabotage plagued me for years. I didn’t even know I was preventing myself from living my best life. […]

How to Make Your Relationships More Loving

loving relationships

Navigating important relationships can be a challenge. Even in the best of circumstances we all at some point get activated and go unconscious. What do I mean by unconscious? I mean the state in which you are no longer choosing your behavior, but instead reacting from a place of emotional memory. The state in which […]