Grow Your Passion Business with Branding and Style

Branding style smackdown

  After a TON of  surveys asking you what would be most informative, fun and helpful (Thank you BTW if you filled out one of my many feedback forms or emails! I can’t thank you enough!) I have something just for you! I am super excited to share with you my 3 Part Video Training […]

Energy Vampires: How to Deal

energy vampire

  We all have those friends or colleagues who seem to feed on your positivity and tap into your life source and drain it dry. Whenever you hang out with them, you leave feeling completely depleted and needing twenty naps. Here is what is going on with an energy vampire. They aren’t bad people, they […]

Symptoms of a Personal Growth Spurt

Growth Spurt

When I was in the eighth grade I was 5 feet tall and weighed 132 pounds. Over the summer I had a massive growth spurt and entered freshmen year at my current height of 5’6” and skinnied up to 102 pounds. People hardly recognized me when I walked through the door on the first day […]

Modern Makeover Self-Care with Style FREE eCourse

Modern Makeover eCourse web graphic

At last! I am soooo excited to announce my F R E E eCourse, Modern Makeover Self-Care with Style! My journey to making a living from what I love has been amazing, but not without many bumps and bruises. But isn’t everything worthwhile in life that way? I consider this self-guided eCourse to be the […]

The Path to Forgiveness and Healing Deep Wounds


At some point in everyone’s life, someone will hurt you. They might not mean to, but they will. Most likely it will be something they said or did unconsciously. There will also be times in which someone, for whatever reason tries to hurt you on purpose. Because they are hurting. Whatever the circumstances, you may […]

6 Tips for Beating Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression tips

I started to pursue methods of well-being and mindfulness not because I am an overly optimistic, sunshiny person, but because I have suffered on and off from various forms of depression my entire life. I finally realized that I could take responsibility for my feelings and actively seek ways to feel better. Every year I […]