A Few Ways to Start Highlighting and Valuing Your Creative Work

Claim your worth

Have you ever had someone supply you with one of their great ideas and then say, “You can have that idea.” As if coming up with the idea were the gut wrenching hard part. If you are or ever have been in the arena, you know intimately that the idea and the creativity is the […]

Learn The Secret to Overcoming Abandoned Projects and Low Self Esteem

Make a Commitment to your Dreams

Before I discovered the beauty of taking baby steps and gentle repetition over time, I lived in a state of overwhelm. Goals to me always felt like pointless dreams, so lofty and above what my everyday life looked like. Nothing seemed achievable. All my goals we akin to climbing Mount Everest while I’d never even […]

8 Tips for Creativity Even When You Don’t Feel like it.

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Where does your creativity come from? One of the most intimidating things about biting into a creative endeavor is overcoming the assumption that you have to “think” of an idea before you go pen to paper or brush to canvas. You may have a spark of an idea, but that is all you really need. […]

How to protect yourself from “Creative Predators”

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As a freelance writer, designer, and artist, I feel it is very important to have crystal clarity on the kind of business relationships you want to manifest. Lack of clarity opens you up to vulnerability, and to people who will take advantage of you. I call these people “Creative Predators.” It is up to you […]