Things You Need to Know About Following Your Bliss

Every Great Dream by Christine Rose Elle

  I can’t believe it was almost three years ago that I began writing about well-being. I had intended to write Romance fiction, but every time I sat down to write about the passion between two people, the passion, emotions and challenges of following my bliss always came out instead. There is something I want […]

Symptoms of a Personal Growth Spurt

Growth Spurt

When I was in the eighth grade I was 5 feet tall and weighed 132 pounds. Over the summer I had a massive growth spurt and entered freshmen year at my current height of 5’6” and skinnied up to 102 pounds. People hardly recognized me when I walked through the door on the first day […]

Modern Makeover Self-Care with Style FREE eCourse

Modern Makeover eCourse web graphic

At last! I am soooo excited to announce my F R E E eCourse, Modern Makeover Self-Care with Style! My journey to making a living from what I love has been amazing, but not without many bumps and bruises. But isn’t everything worthwhile in life that way? I consider this self-guided eCourse to be the […]

How to Follow your Fear to Find your Bliss

Follow your Dream

Everyone wants to find their calling and follow their bliss. For most of us our calling may not be obvious right away and fear prevents us from finding it. Learning to face our fears is essential for personal growth. Turning fear into courage is where the growth happens. Don’t try to conquer your fear before […]

What Creative Women Know About Success

What creative women know

If you talk to any creative woman who has followed her passion and is making a living from what she loves to do, she will have not only many stories of how she got there, but also tons of advice. Finding and following your passion is not easy. But that is good news because nothing […]

Searching for Your Bliss: A Few Tips for Getting Unstuck

Tips for Searching foryour Bliss by Christine Rose Elle

If you feel stuck on the journey to finding your bliss, consider changing your relationship to your situation. Lets face it, we all get our fair share of cards. But lets not stack this deck against ourselves. Self-sabotage plagued me for years. I didn’t even know I was preventing myself from living my best life. […]

How to Change Your Life In Five Minutes Each Day

practice cherishing

Change your life in only 5 minutes per day. Spend 5 minutes every day doing something blissful and wonderful. Set the timer and immerse yourself in something joyful and simple. Here are some suggestions: ♥ Cuddle you dog. Pay special attention to the pink belly portion. ♥ Stretch your arms, touch your toes. ♥ Write […]

Bliss 101

what is bliss

  How do you find your bliss? Asking yourself these questions will help point the way. What do you love? What makes time stop for you? What is the thing that when you share it with other people makes you feel alive? Your bliss will have value to others. It will feel purposeful. Your long […]