"She helped me get
to the core of my desires,
hopes, and goals and narrow in
on where my passion and joy
met with my talents
beyond what I
dreamed was possible."
Julie s.
Review From Tamika Michelle coach & speaker "Working with Christine has been a real dream come true. She coaches from such a loving place and pours into her clients like no one I know. She was able to intuitively see my vision and help me make it come to life. I feel so blessed."
Review From Lyn Myers coach & mentor "No words can describe how supportive Christine is. You just need to experience her in order to understand what I truly mean. She helped me break down my limiting self-beliefs and gave me practical tools not only for my new coaching business but also for my personal growth."
Review From April Williams Branding coach "Working with Christine is a breath of fresh air! She provided a fun, safe space for me to share my needs and provided invaluable information to help me move my vision forward. She's one of my favorite go-to resources."