Life Coaching and Self Help Trends for 2017

Life coaching and self help trends for 2017

Predictions for life coaching and self help trends in 2017.

Now that 2016 is a pile of ash, we are looking toward 2017 and wondering how to regroup, get inspired and deepen our relationship to ourselves so we can show up better in the world. The self-help and life coaching industries will continue to become a part of people’s everyday life because we’re finding that we don’t need to go it alone. As a result more people are turning to life coaches for support and life coaches are niching deeper into specific areas of expertise.
As a life coach, I’m constantly on the lookout for inspiration for serving and inspiring my clients.

I have noticed some significant trends in previous years, and this year I decided to share my trend predictions for 2017.

Healing through Creativity and Journaling-
Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way has been around for years, and for good reason. The motivation and structure that morning pages provide is a simple but powerful way to process emotion, get unstuck and honor yourself as a creative. It’s an unbeatable recipe for manifesting creativity into your life. Creative journaling will continue to trend during 2017. Coaches will continue to help their clients use this tool in a focused way by asking powerful questions as writing prompts. While bullet journaling and visual journals will still continue to be a popular way to add a creative outlet to organizing your to-do list, emotional processing through journaling will be a go-to tool for coaches and light workers.
The art of getting cozy, connecting deeply while wearing warm socks and feeling good by making everyday things special is going to explode in 2017. Coaches will support clients to create a nurturing environment that places the emphasis on slowing down and turning up the volume on appreciating the beauty of life.
The Heart of the Home- The Chip & Joanna Gaines Fixer Upper empire is taking the place of Marie Kondo’s Kon Mari Method the Art of Tidying Up. People will continue to eliminate the clutter, but now we are looking to add meaningful recycled pieces that create an atmosphere of tradition, texture and nurturing while  connecting with our families in spaces with warmth and heart. For life coaches this means creating products and programs that place an emphasis of renewal, connection through appreciation of tradition, and mindful beauty.
Empowerment of the Feminine Woman-
For some unexplainable reason, feminism as a concept got a negative connotation over time. Well, no longer. Women are embracing each other in all shapes, colors and forms. We can wear makeup, have long hair after 50 and basically do whatever the hell we want. But at the end of the day, we are still paid less than men, our health care costs more, and the topic of ‘having it all’ is on the chopping block. So while all this gets worked out over time, we as coaches are embracing feminine power in our work. We encourage our clients to follow their paths of meaning and purpose, while celebrating expressions of feminine beauty, and the art of being female.
Mandala Expression
Mandalas are nothing new, but the meaningfulness and self expression through mandala creativity is picking up where adult coloring books left off. For some, mandalas represent the wholeness of the self, psyche and persona. For others it’s a lovely way to drop into creative flow while assembling a floral mandala on the floor, and then Instagramming it. It reminds me of the art of Buddhist sand painting and the practice of non-attachment. As coaches we can encourage our clients to explore their own personal creative expression with the age old practice of crafting mandalas especially in any kind of media from flower petals to found objects.
Emotional Alchemy
People are more mindful than ever of their emotional landscapes. Instead of pushing away unwanted emotions, we are helping our clients allow their dark emotions to be a part of the present. The outcome is a rich emotional practice that alchemizes the light and dark feelings into a more layered emotional experience. 2017 will be the year of emotional fusion. The relentless pursuit of happiness will alchemize into the pursuit of meaning and proactivity.
Addiction support for Families.
It’s no secret that there is an opioid addiction epidemic happening. We are losing too many people to overdoses and the aftermath for loved ones who have lost someone to addiction is going to be staggering. Families who have lost a child, parent, or other family member to an addiction related death are going to need support. This is where a licensed therapist will be needed. But after therapy, there’s a stage in which people need the support of a coach that has skills centered around strategizing the next stage of healing with accountability and loving actions.
So there you have it. My 2017 trend predictions for life coaches, light workers and self helpers. This year promises to be an abundant year for wellness practices. Now more than ever we need you.