Empower Your Sexual Self with Erotica Author Eden Bradley

Let’s talk about female sexual empowerment?

If you would have told me a year ago that I would be hosting an online course about sex I would have thought you’d have eaten the crazy pills. But it all makes perfect sense now because I am teaming up with NY Times bestselling erotica author Eden Bradley.

It was during a kitchen table moment when we were talking about how mental sex is for most women, and how sex is one of those things that we tend to not really talk about. My life coach brain kicked in and let’s just say… I had some questions. I asked her what having a fulfilling sex life meant, and did she have one? Her insights about female sexuality and empowerment were so mind blowing and inspiring, that I knew we had to share it.

One thing that became clear as I started sharing about the course on social media, is that EVERYONE has an opinion about female sexuality. Especially women.

And guess what? There was a HUGE spectrum of our thoughts and feelings about female sexuality and our own individual sexuality. I was really surprised! And delighted.

There was an especially wide range of opinions on how female sexuality should be presented visually. Some women liked coquettish images, others found those same images insulting. Some women liked gritty images, others found them to be a bit dull.

My big takeaway? Just talking about female sexuality is empowering.

Talking with Eden was enlightening on so many levels. I had no idea there were so many different kinds of orgasm! Also, who knew toys were such a big deal? But really what fascinated me was that as women, we struggle to identify what turns us on, and how to ask for it.

Our goal with this course was to create a fun, safe and informative space for women to explore their thoughts about their own sexuality, gets some questions answered from a legit sex expert who has made understanding what turns women to an art form.

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