mentoring your artful voice Your website, online courses, podcast, blog posts, and other media communicate what you most want to share with the people who you want to reach. Let's tap into your unique area of expertise and speak beautifully with your content.
develop your brand voice series Are you struggling to present your combined areas of expertise into one beautiful voice? We'll curate a vision using beautiful visuals and content offerings.
6 one and a half hour Skype Sessions
create your course series Do you have an idea for an online course but have no idea how to put it all together?
This mentoring series is all about planning and executing your course .
6 one and a half hour Skype sessions.
build your website series This option is available to coaching clients. I help you choose and customize a ProPhoto template with Wordpress. I create visuals for you that complement your content vision and offerings.
online presence design I help you develop your online voice:
• identify strengths and how to present them visually
• develop content, courses & unique offerings
• define your personal story and what to share
• create a website using ProPhoto & Wordpress
3 payments of $1597
coaching & curATION a dream vision brought to life essential details

Your dream is waiting to be realized.

Vision: An experience in which something appears vividly to the mind often under the influence of a divine agency.

Bringing something meaningful to life is what we are here to do. I'll help you determine the form your vision is supposed to take. Way back when, I wished I had someone who could help me understand the complex pieces of my vision and create something concrete. I couldn't find that person, so I became that person.

To help you bring your vision to life, we'll tap into your strengths, interests and skills along with the vivacious aspects of your authentic self to create your dream vision.

Here is what's included:

* Visual moodboard of inspirational images.
* Insight about your unique area of transformational strength.
* Support defining your vision and developing a content strategy that supports it.
* Support in developing your content offerings.
* Help with choosing the right website template.
* ProPhoto 6/Wordpress website set up. (hosting & domain purchase not included.)
* Prophoto 6 template customization.
* Additional personalized graphics.
Sometimes to bring your vision to life, you simply need some synergystic support. It isn't magic, though the process can be magical. With a plan, a strategy and practical mentoring, your vision becomes real. I can't wait to help you create your dream!