5 Biggest Myths About Creating a Business and Making Money From Your Art

5 biggest myths

Making a living from scratch is hard for anyone. Artists and creatives tend to make it even harder for themselves. Certain beliefs about business and making money as an artist held me back for years. I don’t want that for you. I want you to crush it! Here are the 5 biggest myths about creating […]

What the heck does living your best life mean anyway?

LIve your best life-ishness

Does anyone else have “Live Your Best Life Fatigue?” I don’t know about you, but the pressure to try to be amazingly awesome is a tad overwhelming sometimes. Seems like the quest to be freakishly happy, fulfilled and enlightened is everywhere. I ought to know, I have been espousing it and failing for years now. […]

How Can You Use Your Creative Work To Be of Service to Others?

Be of Service ChristineRoseElle.com

What do you think when you hear the phrase, “To be of service?” It doesn’t sound very sexy, right? When most people hear that phrase, they think of being subordinate, subservient or somehow taking a role in the status food chain that means you aren’t socially important. In other words, someone else’s bitch. It doesn’t mean […]

A Few Ways to Start Highlighting and Valuing Your Creative Work

Claim your worth

Have you ever had someone supply you with one of their great ideas and then say, “You can have that idea.” As if coming up with the idea were the gut wrenching hard part. If you are or ever have been in the arena, you know intimately that the idea and the creativity is the […]

Turn Your Passion into a Modern Online Business

Modern girl

My definition of modern business is a product or service that creates beauty, connection and function that your market will pay for. One of the most exciting parts of being a part of the modern online business marketplace, is seeing myself and other people share what they are passionate about in a vibrant way. I […]

Does Scarcity Make us Buy More Stuff?


I’d like to think I’m immune, but…. Yesterday I spent the day in Disneyland with my mom who is visiting from Michigan. She wanted to buy me an early birthday present (awww…moms…) so we spent at least a half hour in Mademoiselle Antoinette’s perfume shop spritzing and spraying our arms until we were a toxic […]

A Ladies Paradise! Giveaway of City of Jasmine and Simple Organic Beauty

Raybourn MS-150 RET (2)

A fun and exciting giveaway for you! I am pairing up (in the Olympic Ice Dancing sense) with one of my favorite authors Deanna Raybourn! Be prepared to be swept away to the lush and adventurous 1920′s! Strong heroines who aren’t afraid to put on their peek-a-boo garters and dance, while smokey and dashing alpha […]

What is your Relationship with Receiving?

What is your relationship to receiving?www.ChristineRoseElle.com

There is a behavior that I am noticing lately in other people that rings a bell with me, because I recognize it in my own past behavior. Many people have negative relationship with receiving money for their hard work. This behavior caused chaos in my business, unnecessary strife in my life and a mountain of […]

How Creative Women are Held Back by Their Regrets

Your regrets

I’ve been going through my studio this week clearing out unfinished projects, abandoned art supplies and making room to expand my beauty portrait business. Clearing away clutter is painful. It forces you to revisit each item, remember why you bought it, and determine if it still has value in your life. No wonder everyone avoids […]