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Are you really broke?

Let’s face it, heart centered business people struggle with their finances sometimes.

Both my husband and I have been following our passions for almost 6 years now. To say that I thought we would be doing better financially by now is the under statement of the universe. Basically, as a couple in our 40’s, it has been very challenging to see other couples our age going on regular vacations, fixing up their homes, and basically enjoying the fruits of the hard hours and ground work that we usually do in our 30’s.

We haven’t been on a vacation in 8 years, our house has TONS of deferred maintenance, we gave up our car and we pray daily that no major appliances give out. When I hear other entrepreneurs say that they struggled for months until they started seeing money flow in, I want to freaking scream.

But then I remember…I am not a victim.

We chose this.

We chose this path of building a life that helps others using our passions because after my husband’s brush with death in 2009, we realized that we only live this one precious life and we wanted to spend it being useful to other people.

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Making that conscious choice required so much faith, and belief in ourselves. We didn’t know we had so much faith until we truly needed it.

We have walked the razors edge of financial chaos more times than I am comfortable telling you about. We knowingly made the necessary sacrifices because we knew that being of service to others was a path to a life well lived.

It is tempting to describe our finances in terms of “being broke,” or “having to go without.” But that would imply that we have not made very conscious choices about our situation.

The truth is, all of our resources are tied up in development. We are not broken. We are not poor. We are not even cash negative. We are at our edge having sunk every penny into building a better financial life for later.

There’s a difference.

Being broke implies that you don’t have a plan or maybe even haven’t considered taking full responsibility for your situation. No one made us invest our money in our education and personal transformation. We chose that. We consciously decided that we wanted to pursue careers in which we help people using our skill, talents and interests.

We chose re-invention. And following our dream of living a purposeful life required sacrifice. We gave up some very cush amenities to make it happen.

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Don’t get me wrong, there are moments when we look at each other and wonder why the hell we are doing this again? My husband comes home from his job at the clinic exhausted. He helps an under-served homeless population get off the streets and quit heroin.

I coach, write, and create content that might help you use your talents to follow your path of meaning and purpose.

We scrap it together, just like everyone else because we both truly believe every single person has a something special to share with the world. And guess what? It gets easier.

Mostly what holds people back is fear of one sort or another. Helping people get insights on what is making them afraid to take the next step is what we both live for.

So what is holding you back from being everything you were ever meant to be? I believe that we only scratch the surface of our potential because it takes so much work and bravery to get there.

But I believe in you.

And it is so worth it.

Here are 5 ways to know the difference between being broke or investing in yourself.

1. If you are broke you can’t imagine anything ever changing. If you are investing in yourself you know that your risk will pay off later.

2. If you are broke you tend to complain about your situation. If you are investing in yourself you take responsibility for your choices and recognize them as laying a foundation for later.

3. If you are broke you resent the abundance of others. If you are investing in yourself you see the abundance of others as possibility and potential.

4. If you are broke you think success is luck. If you are investing in yourself you see success as the result of working your buns off.

5. If you are broke you want it now. If you are investing in yourself you can see the long game.

Knowing how these two differ, my relationship to abundance has completely transformed. We are not given, we must go get. Yes, some people get lucky. They do. But most of us have to work our buns off to get where we want to go. I learned to not put my eggs in the luck basket. Instead I put them in the recognizing abundance basket.

And my basket overfloweth.

I have a loving husband. Two adorable fur babies. The ability and opportunity to show up every day, willing to be imperfect. Try new things, fail, try again. And I have you, dear friend.

That is not to imply that I don’t want more. I do. But I don’t want anything bad enough to give up on realizing my dream of making a living doing work that I love. And I love to create useful information that is beautiful.

The other day, my husband gave his shoes to a homeless man. He is my hero. I am blessed beyond what I am certain I deserve.

I feel the same about you. I want you to feel how much I am grateful for you. I give you my proverbial shoes. Because you matter that much to me.

Thank you for every beautiful comment, twitter share, and email. It means more than you can possibly know.

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  • Oh this article is amazing lovely. What a beautiful couple you and your husband are, two wonderful human beings doing wonderful things for this world. Keep going, we believe in you! xxReplyCancel

    • Christine

      Thank you so much sweet Jade! It means so much you took time to read and comment. XoxReplyCancel

^ ways to highlight creativity www.ChristineRoseElle.comHave you ever had someone supply you with one of their great ideas and then say, “You can have that idea.” As if coming up with the idea were the gut wrenching hard part.

If you are or ever have been in the arena, you know intimately that the idea and the creativity is the easy part and that execution and action is where the real dynamic and difficult work is.

I like this quote,

“Creative talent or ideas is the minimum price of admission.”

Anyone can have a great idea. That bar is low. Executing, developing and profiting from a great idea is the work.

The secret to building a business that you love is finding and engaging in a system that has intelligent, actionable goals in which you can take your creative ideas and see them through. It takes both creativity and action. And the action must point to a revenue stream in order to make money.

Why the serious, businessy blog post? Because I know what it’s like to be in pain from not making money from your coaching, writing or ideas and deeply and desperately wanting to and not knowing the first freaking thing about it.

What is more painful than knowing that you have something super valuable to share with the world and feeling like people could care less about it?

I have great news for you if you are reading this and feel this way.

You have value.

You might just not know how to put it out there in a way that showcases that value.

Here are 6 ways to start highlighting the value of your creative work:

♥ Figure out who you are creating for? Whatever you create must serve a need or solve a problem. Even if it is art. Especially if it is art.

♥ Cultivate and create for loyal fans. Not some nameless faceless many.

♥ Ask yourself if you truly like and believe in your work. If you don’t appreciate its value, no one else will.

♥ Become dedicated to setting goals and taking action. Results follow energy. It may be slow going, but if you continually and steadily put your time and attention on building something, it will happen.

♥ Identify the benefit of what you create. The creative process is a feature. How it makes people feel is a benefit.

♥ Eliminate competition and scarce thinking by identifying the unique value of what you offer, then direct it toward your intended market.

For example, take cupcakes. How would you make this ubiquitous tiny and delicious treat have a unique selling proposition? Identifying your target market, say a busy mom whose turn it is to bring treats to the class party. She doesn’t want to fill a bunch of first graders up with sugar and crap, but she wants to bring something delicious, fun and healthy. And she doesn’t have time to bake them herself.

Enter Kinder Cakes. The adorable cupcakes made from whole grains, bananas and spinach. Sweetened with agave. Delivered to you in recyclable travel packs. Or something. You get the idea.

Find a niche market that has a need and then fill it.

Sounds easy, it’s not. But it is fun and fulfilling.

Oh, and you can have the Kinder Cakes idea.

Heart centered business coach Christine Rose Elle

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I used to have negative relationship with receiving money for my hard work.

This behavior caused chaos in my business, unnecessary strife in my life and a mountain of debt.  Since this realization,  I have been actively doing the work to change my attitude toward receiving, and really take a look at my thoughts and behaviors about taking money for my goods and services.

Sue Bryce has a mantra that goes, “Left hand for leaving, right hand for receiving.”

I am an excellent “leaver” and the money always flows out freely to affirm how much I value the services of others. I over tip, make sure I pay fully and on time for everything, and support other artists with my money whenever I can.

However, in the past my lack of self worth made me a shitty receiver.

Let’s see if you can relate.

Here are some of the broken ways I used to think about receiving:

♥ My customers are going to think I’m greedy.

♥ My customers are going to balk at my prices and judge me for not being worth it.

♥ If I ask for what I want, I will be ostracized and judged.

♥ If I ask for too much I won’t get any business.

♥ In order to ask for what I think I’m worth, I have to be better at what I do.

♥ What am I really worth anyway?

Here is the problem with this kind of scared, lack-based thinking. It sets you up to be resentful of your customers, and to fail at your business.

Why? Because you are placing the responsibility of validating your self-worth on your customers, and it infuses emotion with the financial life blood of your business.

My business formula: Provide a high value product or service and get paid for it.

We confuse this simple formula by attaching all of our emotional baggage around money to it.

Here is how I made the critical mind shift.

 First, I figured out what my offerings were and made sure they were high value. I had a lack of clarity around what exactly I was offering to my customers, so I dealt with that first.

 Next, I took a courageous look at the emotions that always came up around receiving money. For me, lack of self-worth was at the core of not being able to ask for what I wanted. To relieve the anxiety, I first had to learn to recognize it when it popped up.

♥ Then I listed on paper every single talent, skill, innovation, area of expertise, and creative mastery that I have acquired by being an adult in the workplace. Wow. I had never taken the time to actually list the things that make me an authority in my field. It was eye opening, and extremely self-validating. But most importantly it made me realize from a non-emotional place how much I have actually done, and the volumes that I have to share with others.

 Finally, I practiced receiving. I started by teaching myself to accept compliments. I used to deflect. Now I absorb compliments with gratitude for the giver, and then say “thank you.”

Conscious receiving is an essential life skill. You must earn money to support yourself so that you can continue to deliver high value to your customers again and again.

If you are willing to look at the emotions that are tied to the way your earn and receive money, then you ready to show up and charge for what you’re worth.

If you are one of those people who thinks that making money is somehow tied to spiritual failure, my two part question for you is, “How’s that working out for you, ” and “Are you truly able to bring your best stuff to your clients this way?”

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5 Big Myths about Coaching BusinessBecoming a heart-centered business and life coach, and creating a life coaching business is one of the best things I’ve ever done. Helping new and emerging life coaches makes me so excited and happy. I love what I do.

Even though I am at a place in my business where things are starting to come together, it wasn’t always this way. The journey was as challenging as it is now rewarding. There are some things that I believed when I started this path, that I have now realized are not true. Things that super duper successful online marketers and uber successful coaches tend to gloss over when they are trying to pitch you their problem solving, extremely expensive courses and programs.

I want you to be successful and happy and love being a coach. So there are a few things you need to know, that will make you the best coach you can be.

The 5 biggest myths about creating a business from your coaching:

1. Just follow your passion and the money will come.

No. I want to scream and freak out when I hear people say this. Yes, you have to be passionate about your coaching, otherwise when things get difficult, you will want to quit. In order to make money as a coach, you have to take inspired action based on a plan with goals. Some coaches make it seem like every single day they are spiritually on point, and as long as you meditate and ask the universe for what you want in the right way, things will flow. The truth is there will be days when you just don’t freakin’ feel like doing anything. But if you are in touch with what is driving your passion (values, and goals) you will show up for your business. Go pro and show up with a plan even on the days when you don’t feel like it.

 2. You will be coaching most of the time.

Sigh. If you want to make a living from coaching you will be coaching about 20% of the time. The other 80% is spent writing session notes, creating fresh content, marketing, making connections, the financial crap that everyone hates, internet stuff, social media and emails.

 3. You need to get better at your craft in order to be worthy of making money.

You need proper training, and practice. But you don’t have to know everything and be a guru for goodness sakes. As a coach, you are a guide. It is our job to ask questions, and stand shoulder to shoulder with our clients to help them step toward their vision. You can be “good enough” and do this. Seriously, how many times have you looked at another coach who is crushing it and said to yourself, “I need to be better before I can do that.” Well maybe you do but she is out there marketing her work and selling it. It’s not always the cream that rises to the top. It’s the one who is out there working it with her beliefs and values behind her.

 4. Making money from your coaching is based on luck.

Ok, not going to lie. Some people do actually get a little lucky. But even if you are one of the lucky ones, you still need to show up and deliver the goods. Opportunity will only take you so far. A sure thing is showing up everyday, willing to be imperfect and not giving up. Things can get real dark sometimes. Especially for us heart-centered coaches, writers and creatives. Building a thriving coaching business requires grit, putting up with a lot of crap and opening yourself up to beauty in all it’s forms. We are modern day alchemists and coaching chooses us most of the time. Our job is to get out of our own way and let it. Again and again. I don’t call that luck. I call that fierce determination.

 5. You don’t need other people to make it happen.

As a coach, you are essentially a solopreneur. And most of us like it that way. But nothing, and I mean nothing productive happens alone. We need other people, and we need help. Because we suck at some things. And reaching out when we really need help is hard! Why? Because we don’t like to feel beholdened to others. But sheesh, I love helping people. It makes my life meaningful and purposeful. So I have learned to ask for help from the SAFE people in my life. I still have trouble, but since I have reached out, my business has taken on whole new proportions. We really do need each other.

My mission in life is to inspire people to awaken to their potential and share it with others.

Like anything meaningful, creating your own voice and coach and building a business is beautifully challenging. And worth every moment you invest in it. If it seems easy for others, don’t buy it. Stay open hearted, open minded and keep going dear coach! You got this!

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